Stars: 4.3/5 Stars

Bullock and Clooney deliver as usual. At first you may think Clooney is giving us his usual smooth talking antics, but his role in Gravity arguably calls for this specific type of personality. It’s the type personality that you can always rely on, trust, and look to for comfort. Which is exactly what Bullock’s character does. Ryan Stone is a brilliant, ambitious, and damaged medical engineer. You may have heard people say that Gravity is unlike any movie they have ever seen, and this is true. I have not seen the behind the scenes production of this film, but I know the crew behind the creation of the this movie spectacle is nothing less than a world-class collaboration. Gravity his extraordinarily suspenseful and highly engaging. I wasn’t quite prepared to offer up the amount of emotion that I did. Any empathy you think you have for the characters in this movie is false, mainly because you and I couldn’t possibility understand the complexity of the fear being experienced. Sympathy is the only option here.


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