The Wolf of Wall Street

Rating: 3.8/5 Stars

Martin Scorsese creates yet another movie that revolves around characters who are responsible for large sums of money and power. The Wolf of Wall Street also revolves around another thing, or substance, cocaine. Leonardo DiCaprio has me convinced that he is a drug addict. He gives another one of his performances that we all would agree upon, and no one would question the fact that he carried the weight of this film on his shoulders. DiCaprio wasn’t alone though, his fellow cast members include Jonah HillMargot RobbieMatthew McConaugheyKyle ChandlerRob ReinerJon Bernthal, and of course Jon Favreau. Be ready for a roller coaster ride when viewing The Wolf of Wall Street. Don’t be surprised if you reach a certain level or stress or anxiety when pulling for Leo and his band of misfits, just know that these crazy mofo’s characters are based off of a true story highlighting the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort.


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