Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

It seems like Spike Jonze was the first person to answer questions about Artificial Intelligence, and he essentially confirmed the possibility of human beings becoming emotionally and romantically involved with AI. This film carries a lot of weight with it, even though it features one of the lightest set displays I have ever seen. By light I mean clean, simple, and inescapably modern.  Joaquin Phoenix delivers a great performance. He was able to exhume all of the thoughts and emotions of Theodore, who is an apparent introvert who has split his life thus far into either reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend or living inside his own head, both of which limit Theodore’s social interaction and likelihood of meeting another meaningful companion. To me this predicament exists in an increasing amount of individuals in our society today, but that is neither here nor there. Watch this movie with a buddy or significant other, you may find yourself analyzing the dynamics of your own relationships, so you may want to have an outlet for discussion during and after this film. 


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