The Grand Budapest Hotel

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Wes Anderson people! He is truly a unique talent. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a combination of great writing, a director who sees real life in cartoon form, an amazing cast, and an ending that brings everything full circle. The Budapest features an all-star cast – Ralph FiennesF. Murray AbrahamMathieu AmalricAdrien BrodyOwen WilsonWillem DafoeJeff GoldblumHarvey KeitelJude LawBill MurrayEdward NortonSaoirse RonanJason Schwartzman and many others.This film is surprisingly engaging, not unlike the rest of Anderson’s films. Simple interactions between characters pull you in by their sharp, direct, occasionally condescending, and overly articulate jargon. Young actor, Tony Revolori, gives a very comedic and endearing performance. The young man actually shows a bit of range while working with Ralph Fiennes, who undoubtedly brought the best out of the young talent. 

This may have been Anderson’s best work yet. If you can, go see The Grand Budapest Hotel while its still in theaters!


Anderson always brings a few characters from previous films to keep his mojo flowing through each flick. My personal favorite Anderson movie-repeat-unknown actor is Lucas Hedges, who appears once in the Budapest as a pump attendant, and plays Redford in Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.


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